• wsmod

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?

Have a question or concern? A complaint or a suggestion? You're more than welcome to let us know by commenting on this post. Your response will initially be screened (meaning only the moderators will be able to see it), so you will have to mention specifically if you wish us to unscreen it. You will also be allowed, though not required, to comment anonymously.

As a general note, if your complaint is an interpersonal issue with another member of the community, we'd encourage you to try to resolve the issue with that person in private messages, e-mail, or other extra-community ways of communicating. We do not wish to police every aspect of our members' internet lives. However we do want you to have a place for you to be heard, so if in doubt, try us out.

If you are more comfortable, you can also contact mod misstopia via LJ private messages.